Welcome to SocietyLife!

We would like to welcome you, whether you're an old or a new player.

Welcome to SocietyLife

SocietyLife strives to be the best Free Text Based MMORPG on the web.
Where the "perfect" features are more important than the "perfect" looks.

The Game is Currently in the v2.1.1BETA State of Development.

Beta Play Testers Will Be Rewarded Gratefully For Their Support,
When the Game Reaches the 1FINAL State of development.

Sincerely, Convict.


All updates and other news will be posted here.

May 13th, 2020

Recent Changes:
- Fixed [Crimes] experience gains for higher levels, this was way to low

Kind Regards

May 7th, 2020

Recent Changes:
- Fixed a very easy Money Dupe Glitch
-- Feel free to flex at the [City Gym] once again

- Fixed so all internal sent [PMs] to players are sent from the player as to have a correct 'sender'
-- Right now it might be user SocietyLife that sent the message, which is a bad way to do it

- Fixed grammar on [Car Crusher] info "Being part of a crew will make it so 10% will your crew's ammo depot." -> ..will go to* your..

- Fixed [Gym] Wrestling Matches script, seems to do parts of the query but not all of it, match doesn't get removed

- Removed old booze types from [General Vendor]

- Redesigned the [Smuggle] page
--Added [Purchase Max] and [Sell All] buttons for each type of smuggled good
-- Made it always show the price list and made it so that the country you are currently in has prices in bold

Kind Regards

May 5th, 2020

Recent Changes:
- Fixed [Mailbox] icon flashing when level up, but no message was seen in the mailbox
-- post-fix: Removed all PMs and reset the new mail flags for everyone in database

- Blocked usage of [Cop Chase] when in jail

- Fixed [Mailbox] received message timestamp
-- Seems to be X amount of hours in the past when just received it

- Removed [Crush Car] button if no cars are in the country (or at all), again, no point
-- Fixed sorting, again, make it sort by type low to high and then dmg high to low

- Automated [Bank] interest timer serverside, it also now takes 24 hours instead of 12
-- This means you no longer need to check the [Bank] manually to receive interest after said time

- Fixed [Bank] withdraw function
-- Appears to withdraw but when page is refreshed it shows back up in the bank

Kind Regards

May 3rd, 2020

Recent Changes:
- Fix [Crimes] difficulty (to high) and payout (to low)

- Show the Ammo amount you'd gain from crushing a car on the [Grand Theft Auto] page

- Don't show the cars from other countries in the [Car Crusher] page dropdown, no point
-- Also, sort from most dmg to least dmg, so you don't crush your most precious cars by accident

Kind Regards

May 1st, 2020

Recent Changes:
- [Brewery] units per upgraded level increased to 5 units.

Kind Regards

April 30th, 2020

Recent Changes:
- [Chase], [G.T.A.] and [Crimes] jail timers fixed.

- Changed [Booze Brewery] into [Brewery] and update the script to work with 1 type of booze.
-- I felt these were obsolete.

- Crimes are now named slightly better, not mentioning irl places.
-- We can now add more crimes with ease, suggestions welcome.

- [Kill] page is now name [Assault].
-- It's also been moved from menu [Criminal Activities] to [Services].
-- Still a Work in Progress script for now.

Kind Regards

April 25th, 2020

Recent Changes:
- Added Timed Icons to the header for [Bullet Factory] & [Booze Brewery]

- New Website Icon!

Other Changes in Progress:
- Database refactoring, you might see some weird stuff happening.
-- Please report persistent issues in the General Forum.

Kind Regards

October 14th, 2018

We have Gone Responsive!

- All Updated Responsive Design has been Implemented!
- No matter the size of your display!
- You'll always have a Propper View of the Game!

I'll need to go over the Game's pages and see to adjust the size of some of the tables so their not so stretchy, stretchy!

Cheers, Convict

October 11th, 2018

Happy Birthday to SL!

We're now 13 years into the project!

It's been the most fun time in my life,
working on the codes and meeting all the Cool Player!

October 10th, 2018

Check, Check!

All Systems: Check!