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Information about the pages under the menu Personal.
My Crew: You can start and join a crew here after that you'll have a variety of pages,
including manage your crew and it's members and committing the Crew BR, etc..,
different if you're the owner, co-owner, right hand man, recruiter or member.
My Bank: Deposit a certain amount of in-game money here,
deposits that remain in the bank account will give a 2% interest.
You can withdraw money in any amount smaller than or equal to the balance.
My Profile: Have a look at your own profile.

Player Ranks Chart
Name: From: Until:
Bully 0 24
Hoodlum 25 99
Mugger 100 249
Thug 250 499
Gangster 500 999
Robber 1,000 2,499
Con Artist 2,500 4,999
Rookie Heister 5,000 9,999
Extortionist 10,000 24,999
Racketeer 25,000 49,999
Professional Heister 50,000 99,999
Hit-Man 100,000 249,999
Demolition Man 250,000 499,999
Most Wanted 500,000 999,999
Criminal Master Mind 1,000,000
Wealth Ranks Chart
Name: From: Until:
Broke ℳ 0 ℳ 49,999
Very Poor ℳ 50,000 ℳ 249,999
Poor ℳ 250,000 ℳ 999,999
Rich ℳ 1,000,000 ℳ 4,999,999
Quite Rich ℳ 5,000,000 ℳ 24,999,999
Extremely Rich ℳ 25,000,000 ℳ 99,999,999
Dangerously Rich ℳ 100,000,000 ℳ 999,999,999
New Billionaire ℳ 1,000,000,000 ℳ 9,999,999,999
True Billionaire ℳ 10,000,000,000 ℳ 24,999,999,999
Ultimate Billionaire ℳ 25,000,000,000
My Settings: Give your profile a nicer look with the quote page.
Add friends and enemies (this is the blacklist).
Change your password there, keep your account safe.
My Statistics: Some statistics about your account.
The content of this page should explain itself.