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Casino Games

Information about the pages under the menu Casino Games.
Keno: Classic game that can make you or break you, 10 numbers, 6 outcomes.
Click on 10 of the 80 numbers but make sure they are all different numbers.
Once you've selected 10 numbers enter the amount you want to bet and hit enter.

Winnings are calculated like this, lets assume the bet is: ℳ 250,000

Numbers Correct:
4 Numbers or Lower: Wager Lost
5 Numbers: ℳ 2,500,000 Payout
6 Numbers: ℳ 12,500,000 Payout
7 Numbers: ℳ 25,000,000 Payout
8 Numbers: ℳ 125,000,000 Payout
9 Numbers: ℳ 250,000,000 Payout
10 Numbers: ℳ 1,250,000,000 Payout
4 Aces Jackpot: The only way to win this mini-game is to get 4 Aces as the name suggests.
You can bet respectively ℳ 1,000, ℳ 10,000, ℳ 100,000 and ℳ 1,000,000
For more info about winnings go see the page.
Rock Paper Scissors: Classic game where you have to defeat your opponent's gesture.
You can choose between either rock, paper or scissors.
Maximum bet: ℳ 5,000,000
Minimum bet: ℳ 100,000

Lets assume you bet ℳ 100,000,
if you win the pay out will be ℳ 100,000 plus your own ℳ 100,000 back.

Rules explained:

Rock beats Scissors,
Scissors beats Paper,
Paper beats Rock.