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Criminal Activities

Information about the pages under the menu Criminal Activities.
Crimes: Commit a violent crime to raise your experience and by so gain rank.
Smuggle: Smuggle the goods from one country to another.
Cop Chase: The aim in this game is to get from the bottom line to the top line,
without being busted by the cops as they close in on you.
You can earn between ℳ 5,000,000 and ℳ 10,000,000.
Booze Brewery: Produce your own Beer, Vodka or Designer Liquor there and then sell it for money.
You can brew up to 1,000 units per booze type.
Grand Theft Auto: Boost cars from other players and from the the game.
Sell them for their value or crush them for a certain amount of bullets.

Car Values Chart
Car: Money: Ammo:
Fiat 500 ℳ 12,500 313 Ammo
Peugeot 107 ℳ 27,500 688 Ammo
Alfa Romeo 147jtd ℳ 34,000 850 Ammo
Golf 5 GTI ℳ 43,500 1,088 Ammo
Chrysler 300c ℳ 89,500 2,238 Ammo
BMW X5 ℳ 134,500 3,363 Ammo
Mercedes SLR McLaren ℳ 206,500 5,163 Ammo
Audi R8 ℳ 345,000 8,625 Ammo